alpha-read is a unique one on one app. The discovery that letters have sounds that combine to make words is very exciting for the young child. alpha-read systematically guides a parent or teacher to facilitate this discovery with a preschool, kindergarten or early grade child. Sitting alongside the child, the adult helper systematically introduces a new letter sound and then encourages the young student to integrate new as well as learned sounds into words.

This is accomplished through Learn, Review and Mat:

The alpha-read app:

alpha-read has a long history of success. It was introduced in 1982 as a small Learning Kit consisting of 26 cards (each with a picture of a key object to remind the child of the most useful sound for that letter), a Reader’s Mat with a green stripe to show the starting point for spelling and reading and an instruction pamphlet. Now the original alpha-read Learning Kit has been adapted to the app format.

After more than 30 years of proven success, alpha-read continues to provide the foundation for the development of reading and spelling skills!